Consistent brand communication is a matter of multiple layers, each of which requiring specialists. Specialists who not only collaborate but also inspire each other to tear down boundaries whilst also feeling truly at home within a complex communication mix.


The appearance of dynamic brand personalities on traditional and non-traditional ‘one to all’ channels is the core service this unit provides. The team has a profound understanding of brand management and lasting brand design. Long-running campaigns and below-the-line activities are managed and tweaked for optimal performance continuously.

The unit’s name emphasizes the team’s very raison d’être: activating the relationship of a brand and its target audience.


Brand strategy, brand development, corporate design, communication concepts, classical communication (film, radio, print), promotions, POS communication, ambient media


Do people inadvertently become users as soon as they enter the digital space?

We are convinced brands that employ technology in order to build proximity will make it in the long run. Hence, the primary aim is a relationship concept while the tools themselves are more a means to an end. Our digital specialists turn ‘usability’ into ‘lovability’. They are your digital relationship consultants. Furthermore, the unit is home to both the ‘relationship pulse’ and our keenest analysts.


Digital strategy, digital communications, online marketing, mobile and app development, community communications, content strategy, analytics


Quite a few GROSSE LIEBE associates have a background in dialogue marketing. It comes as no surprise then that they see the ultimate evolution of a communicative relationship on a one-to one level. As ‘relationship-personalizers’ they are masters of the dialogue trade: be it the perfectly crafted response element, or an engaging dramaturgy that lasts longer than the expected 30 seconds attention span, or a pointed, personal appeal. Our dialogue specialists have the skills and the will to push every control switch to maximum.


Dialogue concepts, CRM program development, print mailings, e-mailings, newsletter, landing pages, response ads and inserts, response videos, test strategies, data analysis/data mining


The multinational and multicultural team within GROSSE LIEBE aka the ‘no-limits relationshippers‘  Achieving bonds with empathy between brands and people that work not only in U.S. markets but also in Europe and Asia for instance is indeed tricky. Thanks to an extensive experience cache we know it takes two things for it to work: The largest common driver plus culturally scalable communication concepts. By the way, GROSSE LIEBE is a member of thenetworkone – the leading international network for independent and owner-operated agencies with 1,200 agency representations in 109 countries.


International brand strategy and brand development, all communication disciplines with the other units and thenetworkone, international brand communications, expansion of German brands to the international stage, introduction of international brands to the German market.