Comfort zones are a thing of the past. Today, brands that want to spark people’s interest have to raise their game. Excelling in just one or two disciplines is simply not enough. That’s on one hand. One the other, the additional disciplines must also be fully mastered.

GROSSE LIEBE is no giant, but we keep ahead of the game: with three units, a strategy board, an agile sister agency and a broad, properly coordinated network of experts. Plus, a whole lot of collaboration.


What makes advertising effective? First: a brand that is relevant for the target group. And second: communication that maximally resonates with the target audience.

This unit has it all: the expertise in brand management and sustainable brand design, as well as the ability to communicate in an engaging manner. It develops and strengthens an empathetic relationship between people and brands across all channels. This, by the way, works just as well in Germany as it does in Europe or Asia.


Brand strategy, brand development, corporate design, communication concepts, classic communication (film, radio, print), promotions and PoS communication, ambient media. National and international services are offered in cooperation with thenetworkone.


“To direct people” – directing people to maximal (and provable) response is the core competence of this unit. Our specialists from direct marketing, direct selling and direct experience always engage in a dialogue. Sometimes it’s just a friendly chat or an intense discussion. When needed, they can also give an energetic shout.

Whether mailing campaign, customer club, product catalogue or a trade fair concept: the Direct Unit can both sell and maintain very intensive relationships. And of course it does so across all media.


One-to-one concepts, CRM programs, analogue and digital mailing campaigns, direct sales campaigns, lead generation, all direct response advertising materials from the insert to the spot, data management, trade fair concepts and road shows.


“I always come back to you,” says only a person who really likes the brand and wants to spend time with it. That’s why this unit never calls its target group “consumers”. Because they don’t just buy products, they purchase trust, involvement, attitude, inspiration and experiences.

The Retail Unit combines retail expertise and the ability to build intensive relationships between people and brands.


Brand and communication strategy for such topics as positioning, relationship, image correction, 360-degree campaigning, traffic generation, customer experience, sales and cross selling, PoS communication.


Sure, brand centricity was yesterday and it’s anyway one-dimensional. Customer centricity? That’s just the other aspect of a one-sided coin. GROSSE LIEBE stands for relationship centricity.

And that starts with a holistic and long-term strategy and the combination of brand development and a very deep understanding of the target group. Our strategy board finds the powerful “we” mixture of people and brands. One that is relevant today as well as tomorrow. By the way: We’ve got tons of experience, so this works both internationally and intercultural.


Systematic and synchronized brand and target group analyzes; some with own created tools such as the Empathy Guide (an insight-based tool that shows the big picture), trend monitoring, communication strategies, testing and prototyping, workshop development and long-term customer relationship journeys.


Looking for the right answer? As the questions get more complex there isn’t just one right answer anymore. Our sister agency heartbeats accompanies you on the path to finding new and alternative solutions.

Together with you heartbeats discovers different answer perspectives, develops prototypes and puts them to the test in the real world. Because only through the target group’s feedback can you get all the right answers.

In short: heartbeats works agile. A modular set of different tools and methods will take you on a voyage of discovery in an interactive workshop while also helping you preform larger tasks.


Finding new solutions

Owner-managed agencies can’t do everything? Sure they can! Together with its partners GROSSE LIEBE founded The Expert Net – an independent network that functions without any complicated head-of-everything bureaucracy. Over 15 agencies, consultancies, studios, coaches and other specialists have come together to offer you an exceptional range of expertise.

Starting from A for app or academy to content, digital law, data management, event, influencer marketing, market research, new work solutions, podcast, retouching, target group marketing, trade fairs, transformation coaching and VR / AR, all the way to Z for zero-cost strategy. Just to name a few keywords.