Thanks to the specialized units plus the strategy board GROSSE LIEBE can do “full thinking” and integrated implementation along the customer journey. And how far we go is entirely up to you:  do you want just a brand re-launch? Sales campaign? Or perhaps direct marketing? Take your pick.

Want the whole nine yards and from a single source? Sure thing!


The brand sends a signal the consumer receives!?
A relationship can only work when the sparks fly from both sides. Our tools show what ignites those sparks.
By the way: Strategy workshops, shopping safaris, research and analysis, neuro marketing … all inclusive.

Without empathy, a brand is incapable of having a relationship.
We work out a deep and solid understanding of your target audience – in close collaboration with you. Which sentiments, thoughts and motivations are truly relevant? What exactly happens in the ‘Is this something I am interested in?’-phase, and shortly before purchasing, as well as during the relationship? What makes you connect in those situations; what ignites the passion of the brand and the person?

Whether brands are recognized, desired or perhaps even punished is entirely up to consumers. That is why the target audience is treated in our brand model as an equal. Most brand models focus solely on the brand without equal consideration of the audience it is supposed to appeal to. The key benefit: the target audience offers a reliable corrective for all positioning aspects as well. It charges them with additional emotional relevance too, which is the basis for creating identification.

A method of analysis and research to indicate how the brand increasingly resonates with target groups in the various stages of their relationship. Because a growing relationship means growing attention, growing interaction and growing attraction for every individual. A growing attraction of the brand for many on social media, a growing readiness to buy – plus much more. The Relationship Pulse allows us to manage success efficiently, holistically and systematically.