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December 2018

Made auf Veddel, made with Love

Be good, do good, feel good from the bottom of the heart: On the 2nd of December 2018 the charity foundation ‚Made auf Veddel‘ celebrated their 10th anniversary in Hamburg’s premium design hotel ‚Tortue‘. It was our honor to plan the exceptional charity event from start to finish providing glamorous invitation, brochures, anniversary-signets, a photo-wall, table display cards, and so much more. The result was a gorgeous exterior to complement the fascinating inner values – the perfect foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

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October 2018

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September 2018

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June 2018

Hot and Hot!

Weak at the knees, a racing heart, sweaty hands – it must be love… Or perhaps the German Brands Award? What made the ceremony even more exciting was the moment when we received not just one but two awards for Seiko and Deutscher Ring! We were walking on clouds.