Okay, okay, we are not at all monogamous.
But faithful. And madly in love.

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Advertising that sticks in the mind is hard work. But it pays off twice and triple.
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What a wonderful task: Please help us to re-design our brand tesa.

Let’s both take care to significantly increase the brand preference and consumer acceptance once again.

Together we thoroughly investigated the driving forces of our target group, passionately discussed the brand promise and scrapped concept approaches – until we finally knew: that’s it!

What’s it? See for yourself!

But there’s one thing we want to reveal right in advance: Of course, the effectiveness of the brand campaign is measured. And it’s quite good.

Deutscher Ring Krankenversicherung

Tariffs, clauses, terms and, above all, a topic that is gladly ignored – who likes to deal with health insurances?
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That’s why not the products were the heroes of the Deutscher Ring Krankenversicherungsverein A.G. brand relaunch.

But what really drives people and what they’re actually thinking. If we look at the new brand appearance, we can nearly hear those thoughts. And suddenly it’s easy to access.

Deutscher Ring Bausparkasse

Financial products are often complex – making it all the more important to convey them simply.
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A short animation film is best suited for this purpose. The sales representatives just download it onto their mobile devices and take it to their customers.  The film works as a clear information base – and for further questions, the expert is already on site.


Whenever medical high-tech devices meet vintage, it doesn’t only have style – it also makes a heck of fun.
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How do you promote an automatic endoscope reprocessor without showing awkward medical images? By translating its benefits into a sweeping 8-bit arcade game.  Won’t work? You bet! 


A pension plan, a current account or a building loan contract also deserve our love and recognition.
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The best thing is: the love is returned. For the third successive time  the Postbank performed best at the Gfk study about direct marketing strategies of banks in 2013. At an attention rate (letters are opened) of 99% and an action rate (letters are kept for further use like counselling or acquisition) of 20%.


The first big pitch we won – and the flagship of the German language? Of course, we are a little bit proud of it.
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And this flagship set a new course: the Duden is no longer just a book but at the same time a dictionary app and a spelling software. We celebrated its premiere with a striking new look that directly translates the Duden’s well-known appearance. Plus we paid special attention to the German language, as that’s what it’s all about.

By the way, the jury of the “ad of the year 2013” competition awarded it with a special text price.

Made auf Veddel

Whenever avant-garde couture and a good cause go hand in hand, we love to lend a hand with it.
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First avant-garde couture by Sibilla Pavenstedt and second an extraordinary social integration project: Made auf Veddel. It’s a great pleasure for us to support this project with some new strategies and promotional appearances.

Because we believe: a little bit of Veddel looks good on us.

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